About Us

Welcome to La Jolla Alcohol Research, Inc., an organization dedicated to the design and manufacture of inhalation systems for the study of alcohol and a variety of other substances/toxins.

La Jolla Alcohol Research, Inc. was founded by internationally known alcohol researchers who recognized the advantages of alcohol delivery in the form of vapors, but who wanted to develop a system that was environmentally safe, compact, easy to use, and most importantly, a system that could lead to precisely targeted blood alcohol levels (BALs) in various animal models.

With the new inhalation systems offered by La Jolla Alcohol Research, Inc., researchers can:

  • Target, achieve, and maintain desired BALs in both rats and mouse.
  • Easily and consistently reproduce data.
  • Our systems are very compact, entirely housed on a wheeled cart that can be used anywhere in a lab, and requires only vacuum or exhaust for complete operation.
  • The systems are also completely airtight and environmentally safe.
  • Finally, their operation is remarkably straightforward and can easily be performed by an entry-level technician.